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Gatorade Chews vs. Clif Shot Blocks vs. Other

So the Gatorade Chews, after having been advertised for over a year now I guess, are finally available in stores. They first appeared several months ago at the laughable price of $2 per serving. I presume the sales feedback (I know I was laughing my sneakers off) dictated the current pricing, which is $1 per serving on sale; $.80 per serving if you shop carefully.

Now that the price per serving has more or less equalized with Clif Shot Bloks, the two can be compared on their other natural attributes, and there are a couple of big ones.

    • You need half a package, three blocks, of Clif Blok Shots to make a 100 calorie serving, but you need the whole package of 6 Gatorade blocks to make the same 100 calories. The Gatorade blocks are smaller (I guess. Clif Shot Bloks are cubes; Gatorade blocks have a bigger base but are short on one side). Anyway, it’s about twice as much riding with one or fewer hands while you are trying to break into the container and dine.
    • Gatorade chews available at the grocery, Clif Shot Bloks still only available at specialty stores.
    • I say the Gatorade Chews taste better.
    • The Gatorade Chews are softer. I thought this was going to be an advantage for Gatorade Chews owing to number the Clif Shot Bloks did on my dental applications that time, until I took the Gatorade Chews out on a ride on a 80+ degree day. They were almost too gooey to use. So I guess it’s Clif Bloks in the summer, Gatorade Chews in the winter

Unless You Don’t Use Either One…

So the other day I was out of gels and blocks and whatnot, and had to figure out 100 calorie servings of something for the bike ride. I know that I typically pay $1 for a 100 calories of either gel or block. That’s my strike price.
I also am completely aware that a serving of three Chips Ahoy cookies is 160 calories because I’ve entered it into My Fitness Pal (remember?) about 90,000 times since January 1st. And I also know exactly what I pay for Chips Ahoy: $2 a package at most. But it was only when I was counting out servings that it came to me that 100 calories of Chips Ahoy cost about ten cents.

I found out on the Great Bike Trip (see Tags) why nabs never caught on as a cycling staple: You choke to death on the dust when you’re panting and chewing zero-moisture crackers simultaneously. The same thing can happen to a lesser extent with the regular cookies, so get the chewy ones — no dust. They can be a little messy, but for the money, I’m okay with it. How did we all get cowed into spending $1 per serving of sugar anyway?

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